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Joan Son   
an American artist who has devoted her career to the exploration of contemporary origami as fine art.

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An installation of retro inspired fashions from origami artist, Joan Son. Based on her original paper doll dress designs from 1958, Joan uses a variety of paper techniques to create full size dress sculptures which honor the past and open the portal to the present. June 2019 to December 2019

The Printing Museum • 1324 W Clay St, Houston, TX 77019

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In December 2019 Channel 13 in Houston ran a feature on my work. Even though there were a few exaggerations in this report, it was fun to have them here!


Sorry about the commercial you must watch first!

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to see samples of my latest works...

MAP ONE    40 x 60”, acrylic on paper
For this current body of work I’ll be exploring the structure underneath the precision of the origami forms. My intention is to show the geometry of the crease lines, see the unseen and reveal the luminous below the surface.